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Originally First English was a department of Atlantic Pacific University.  First English separated from APU in 1990 but continues to have full support and endorsement from APU.

APU continues to be a fully accredited university offering full degrees in all of the major disciplines plus specialized certificate programs.  there are several ways to fulfill the requirements to earn a degree at APU, but one of the most commonly used methods is to accumulate credits from work/life experience that they already have.

Question:  What's the difference between someone who has gone to a university for 2-6 years and someone who has been working in a specific field for 2-6 years?

Answer:  One person has a piece of paper (degree) and the other doesn't.  Both have the same knowledge yet the person with a university degree makes more money that the other person.

Now, by visiting the APU Web site, you too may have the opportunity to get that university degree based on life experience, work experience, and any other knowledge you may have acquired.  Experienced faculty and administrators with years of professional experience can assess your knowledge and grant you a university degree.

The entire degree process is much simpler than you have ever imagined.  In just a few weeks, you may be awarded that university degree from a fully accredited university issued in The United States.

To visit the APU Web site, click below.


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