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The First English Certificate is an excellent way to be able to show your English proficiency level.

The Certification Process

The actual certificate is based on the results of English tests that you take.  There is a series of tests and you can choose which tests, or areas of English, you wish to be graded on.  The tests are:

     1.  Grammar Basics: multiple choice questions
     2.  Grammar Errors: multiple choice questions and 1-2 word answers
     3.  Writing: write two short essays about a simple topic
     4.  Listening: multiple choice questions following a short conversation
     5.  Speaking: a private interview with one of our assessment officers
     6.  Business English: new   multiple choice questions

You can choose to take any or all of the tests.  You only pay for the tests you signup for, however, there is a discount for taking the whole series.  What you take is what you will be graded on, there is no penalty for not taking the whole series, and your transcript will only list what you actually took.  Once you signup to take the tests, you may take them at your leisure and you do not have to complete all of the tests at one time.

Once you have completed all of the tests you signed up for, they will be graded and we will assess your English proficiency level.  All of our assessment officers have years of language teaching experience and have been well trained in how to properly assign a level of proficiency.  You will be awarded a certificate at one of these levels:

     1.  Beginner Level
     2.  Elementary Level
     3.  Low Intermediate Level
     4.  Intermediate Level
     5.  High Intermediate Level
     6.  Advanced Level
     7.  Fluent Speaker
     8.  Native Speaker

What You Receive

Upon completion of the tests you have signed up for, you will receive the following:

     1.  Certificate
     2.  Transcript
     3.  Laminated Miniature Certificate (security hologram seal)
     4.  Letter of demonstrated ability (Verification Letter) x 3
     5.  Verification service via The Internet, email, fax, or mail.
         These documents have embossed seals, security features, and are
           authenticated by both First English and Atlantic Pacific University.

CLICK HERE to view examples of all the documents you receive.

Where To Test

If you are enrolled at one of our training centers you will already know about test locations and dates.

If you wish to take the certification tests at one of our training and certification seminars you can signup at that location.  To see a list of sites offering these seminars CLICK HERE.

You can now do everything on the Internet at this Web site.  Simply click on "Get Certified Now" at the top of any page and you will see the test enrolment form.

If you do not want to test over the Internet, you can CLICK HERE to view all test sites.

What is the cost?

The cost is US$20 for each test that you signup for.  If you signup, at the same time, for all 6 tests the cost is US$100.  This is the total cost to you.  It includes the tests, all documents, and priority shipping to any location worldwide.


For a limited time, we are offering a special Internet price of US$50 for everything.  That includes all 6 tests, all documents, and priority shipping.

If you live in China, you may be able to make your payment at a local bank in selected cities.
(Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu)
 Please email us if you need to make your payment this way.

Get Certified Now

Ready to get certified?
Simply click "Get Certified Now" at the top of any page and you'll be taken to the registration form.

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