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How We Started

We first started in the early 1970's as an English Language Program offered at the international campuses of Atlantic Pacific University.  APU had been established in 1950 and recognized the need for an English as a Foreign Language Department.  With the constantly growing need for English training, APU separated it's English Department and in 1990 formed First English as a separate entity.  Although First English is now independent, we still have the full support and endorsement of APU.  First English is also endorsed by several other international universities as well as private English schools.  Except for it's main campus and headquarters, APU has gone totally Internet based, however, First English still maintains training centers in several counties and conducts training/certificate seminars in dozens of cities/countries.

The Certification

The actual certificate in English Language Proficiency is awarded once the applicant has taken a series of tests to determine their abilities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

Currently there are three applications for our certification program:
     1.  Many private English schools use our certification test and certificate
         as a part of their students graduation.
     2.  Several universities use our certification to fulfill their pre-enrollment
          English requirement.
     3.  Private individuals who want to be able to easily prove their English
          level proficiency.

The certification test is offered in several ways:
     1.  Prearranged test locations at private schools
     2.  Prearranged test at universities
     3.  At a training/certification seminar
     4.  Through the postal system anywhere in the world
     5.  And now, the entire process is available online

Registration and Accreditation

First English is fully recognized and endorsed by Atlantic Pacific University and several other universities.  All of these universities, including APU, are accredited by various international agencies.  Please feel free to visit the Web sites of APU or any of the other universities to learn more about their accreditation.

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